Private memoirs of the journey of a boy from the children’s hospital to art school, exploring the foundations of motivations and experiences of visions.

‘I entered the Paradise Hotel, the children’s hospital, early in my life. I walked the corridors, overwhelmed by the scent of coffee, the coffee machines, the self-prescriptions pharmacies. Doses of coffee are the perfect contradiction; a stimulant, yet distracting parents from the reality of their infant’s infirmary. Caffeine is the drink of hope. Children lie in the bed wrapped in the mothers silk, the hospital womb. Growing up and baring witness to the severities of other children’s conditions, my awareness amounted to guilt. It was betrayal. I heard both the silence and screams of infants during my teenage years which was met with expriencing hallucinations of endless rivers and rain of coffee and tea’

‘Was this why I migrated to art? Under the sepia sirens I constantly produce the sepia shields; coffee coated surfaces to keep the infant alive; I must become the Saint Syrup and ultiamtely the Pharmacist’

Sepia Solace (2015) is a collection of memoirs both esotoric and conflicted, that chart the experiences of a working class childhood in Basildon, blighted by infirmary and social isolation. A youth was characterised by fantasy consumed in imaginary landscapes, obcessive collecting and zoological studies. Then during teenage years following manifestations of traumas, hallucinaions of sepia hues filled his presence, which were documented in coffee and scented artworks.

Now in this private writing he recalls his suppressed and once muted voice as a result of pyschological and neurological influences. And as this boy entered art school in 2013, and therapy where he wrote his book, he learns and discovers the meaning of his own visual language, but most importantly confidence.

Compassionate and insightful, fillled with treasures, sensory pages, poetry, collages, and with illustrations of work, this is an imaginative and insightful read.

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Sepia Solace

George Morl

Published by Orange Orient, 24 March 2015
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244 pages
14 x 20 (cm)
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Sepia Solace (Extracts)
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