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George Morl, Edvardo Shadalow
George Morl (b. Basildon 1994).
Lives and works in Basildon.

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As an artist and facilitator George explores human connection under technological networks, and how bodies, perceptions of us, and language inform our engagements with environments and interfaces. They use self-portraiture, performance, photography, poetry, sound, film, drawings, paintings, sculptures, and scientific installations, as mediums to examine barriers and polarities of social exchanges within shared physical and virtual spaces. Often they use the visual vocabularly and characters embedded in cyberspace, fiction, and autobiography to converse and colloborate with communities.

Recent dialogues include paintings assessing the intersection of disability in the construction of queer spaces, establishing messaging services with autistic individuals within support centres and collaboratively producing films, constructing personas and inflitrating platforms and institutions projecting conversations around prejudices, interventions within museum collections responding to allegories of performance around masculinity, investigating relationship between steroid culture and online chatrooms restaging rituals through abstract superimposed photographs, inventing avatars which subvert and reimagine scenes in video games and art history with autonomy instead of objectification, and installations merging paintings and scientific apparatuses assessing the sensoriums within medical facilities.

Through locating and merging evidence, speculative fiction, and imagination, Morl seeks to reveal the relationship between barriers and power dynamics in these spaces, whilst attempting to affect integrative and collaborative approaches between organisations, collections, and communities. As a result, in presentation work collectively reflects on posing questions and solutions around our existence in a modernising multidimensional hyperdigital future.

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Born in 1994 in Basildon, UK, George Morl is an artist and facilitator based in Basildon. They currently are Programme Assistant at Firstsite in Colchester, and were appointed the Jerwood Newlyn Residency (2021-22) at Newlyn Art Gallery & The Exchange in Penzance. Morl's multidisciplinary practice comprises of paintings, sculptures, photography, video, and sound, exploring human connection under polarising technology and networks, ‘crip theory’, language barriers, queer ecology, gender, often through affecting integrative and collaborative approaches between organisations, collections, and communities. Morl received their BFA from University for the Creative Arts in 2016 and MFA in 2018. Their first solo museum show ‘Precious Boys’, Southend Museums (2018) combined works with their collection investigating the relationship between digital performance, sexuality, and masculinity. Their work has been shown at Tate Exchange, London (2019), Southend Museums (2018), UCA, Canterbury (2016), Turner Contemporary, Margate (2016). Recipient of Firstsite Award, Colchester (2020), TOW Residency (2020) and Darren Henley Scholarship (2016- 2018). In 2020 George was a Peer to Peer UK/HK nominee and shortlisted for Platform Award 2016. Morl has work in national public and private collections.

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