Research / 17 February 2021

George Morl to undertake a research intervention across Southend Museums collections

Morl is excited to announce that they will be undertaking a research intervention across Southend Museums digital platforms, exploring some unknown queer reflections within their collection and the wider history of Essex, whilst also talking about their current practice. They will also present research process in relation to their first solo exhibition 'Precious Boys' at Southend Museums back in 2018 which assessed relationship between masculinity, body images, sexuality and performance in South Essex.

Southend Museum, Southend

Exhibition / 27 January 2021

George Morl’s ‘Symptomology of a Basildon Boy’ to feature in ‘Colour II’ at Southend Museums: Beecroft Art Gallery

Morl’s ‘Symptomology of a Basildon Boy’ (2018), which investigated the relationship between performance and masculinity within the brutalist landscape of New Towns is to feature in Southend Museums: Beecroft Art Gallery’s ‘Colour II’ (summer 2021). Together this will go on show with Essex University’s ‘Essex Collection of Art From Latin America’ and The Foundation for Essex Arts: Basildon Arts Trust collection, with the exhibition exploring the utilisation of colour in contemporary arts practices.

Southend Museum, Southend

George Morl, Edvardo Shadalow

Research / 01 January 2021

Research project ‘Communal Cherub A Capellas’ launched for 2021 

As part of a wider project expected later this year, the colloborative research project ‘Communal Cherub A Capellas’ is launched, exploring the utilsiation of creative imagination and possibility in virtual and physical spaces for queer autistics, as a means to reimagine the queer historical and art archives.

Posted 01 January 2021

George Morl, edvardo shadalow
Appointment / 14 November 2020

Morl joins the programming team at Firstsite as part of their Arts Council National Partners Programme 2019-22 Award

George Morl is excited to announce that they have joined Firstsite, Colchester, UK on their programming team as part of their Arts Council National Partners Programme 2019-2022 Awards.

Firstsite, Colchester

George Morl, Edvardo Shadalow

Award / 10 August 2020

Morl nominated by Newlyn Art Gallery for ‘Peer to Peer UK/HK’

Morl is nominated by Newlyn Art Gallery for Peer to Peer: UK/HK, a new approach to developing international collaboration following a global pandemic. Comprising a series of webinars, a digital platform and an online festival, the Peer to Peer project is part of Hong Kong Cultural and Creative: Visual Arts funded by Arts Council England and the GREAT campaign, and managed and led by the NorthWest Collective (NWC).

Posted 10 August 2020

Award / 18 February 2020

Morl awarded Jerwood Newlyn Residency 2020

Morl has been awarded the Jerwood Newlyn Residency funded by Jerwood Arts, which aims to support emerging artists with professional development and continuing studio practice.

Newlyn Gallery & Exchange, Newlyn

Research / 07 February 2020

‘Synapses, Sonnets & Self’ 2020 Project Launched

Following being awarded a Firstsite Bursary Award (2020), which aims to support artists with their professional development, Morl will launch the project ‘Synapses, Sonnets & Self’ in spring 2020. This self-initiated independent project will explore neurodivergence within the wider intersection of queerness examining the structural barriers and representation in queer culture.

Posted 07 February 2020

George Morl, Edvardo Shadalow

Award / 24 December 2019

Morl awarded Firstsite Bursary Award (2020)

Following his debut solo work at Southend Museum: Beecroft Art Gallery exploring relationship between performance and masculinity in South Essex, Morl has been awarded the Firstsite Collectors Group Bursary Award (2020), which aims to support artists with their professional career development. The award is presented to proposed projects demonstrating ambition and a commitment to developing current practice for the purposes of exhibition production, professional development and studio bursaries (details to follow).

Firstsite, Colchester

Award / 25 October 2019

Morl shortlisted for Jerwood Bursary (2019) 

Following a national open call, Morl has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Bursary by Jerwood Arts, which aims to support emerging artists with professional development and continuing studio practice.

Jerwood Arts, London

Exhibition / 01 September 2018

Precious Boys final week at Southend Museums

George Morl’s first public solo exhibition ‘Precious Boys’ (14 July - 08 September 2018) opens at Southend Museum, Essex, UK.Exploring and assessing the vulnerabilities of young men, Morl reveals how body image and sexuality are entwined with the masculine nature of 'performance', particularly within Southend and Basildon. Displayed with works from Southend Museum's Art collection, this show investigates the representation of men within the historical canon of art, examining how social concepts of masculinity have manifested.

Precious Boys acts as a testament to the emotional stability of adolescent men, as a voice for our isolated and lonely men in which they are free to expose their vulnerable selves.

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Southend Museums, Southend

Exhibition / 24 August 2018

In Search of Validation, 2018 features in UCA MA Degree Show

Group show at University for the Creative Arts displaying the final MA Degree Show work, featuring George Morl’s collection In Search of Validation 2018 exploring male body images across digital media and mobile devices

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UCA, Canterbury

19 July 2018

Morl guest writer for series of blogs for Southend Museums

As part of the ‘Precious Boys’ programme, the artist has been commissioned by Southend Museums to write a series of blogs exploring the curatorial process and themes surrounding the works in the exhibition. In addition to this, he explains the reasons and sociological methodologies related to masculity, both in representation of the body through the canon of art history and present notions of performance in South Essex across physical and online environments informed by the Museum’s own collection.

Texts including, ‘Disposition of Digital Youth’ & ‘Precious Boys’ featuring poems, Basildon Boys#2, Wishing Wells, and Plight of the Sensitive Child from his debut poetry collection Pubescent Plumesc (2018) published to coincide with the exhibition.

Posted 19 July 2018

Publication / 14 July 2018

Poetry collection Pubescent Plumes, 2018 published by Orange Orient Books

Pubescent Plumes, 2018, Morl’s first poetry collection exploring masculinity, intimacy, isolation, alienation and queer politics in post-industrial South Essex landscape is published by Orange Orient Books.

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Posted 14 July 2018

Award / 29 August 2016

Morl recepient of Darren Henley Scholarship 2016

Following on from featuring at the Platform 2016 show at Turner Contemporary (04 August - 25 September 2016) Morl has been awarded the Arts Council and UCA Darren Henley Scholarship for 2016. This was in joint application and proposal for funding towards exploring the relationship between masculinity and suicide in landscapes of poverty and social deprivation. As part of and in relation to this, particular assessment will be made in South Essex, the artist’s home region. Further announcemnts and progress with this project will be published on this site in the future.

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UCA, Canterbury

Award / 25 June 2016

George Morl awarded UCA Vice Chancellor 2016

For Morl’s installation Precious Boys 2016, exploring masculinity, body image, and lonliness in coastal towns, which was exhibited at the UCA BA Degree Show, he has been awareded the UCA Vice Chancellor Award 2016.

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UCA, Canterbury