From a neurodivergent perspective, my practice explores society’s navigations of affection under modernising technology, documenting our attempts in reaching human contact and emotional reverence. Research projects range from paintings, photographic installations, sculptures, poems, writings, examining queer dialogues, gender, social inclusion, neuroscience, and the remits between art and health. Utilisation of medical and technological apparatuses are key approaches to art production such as manipulated microscopic visuals exposing the realms of male exercise rituals, documentations of new-town or rural youth raves, digital coded poems reciting conversations of online dating apps, ornate paintings composed in body-enhancing compounds suffused with collages chronicling the interaction and insecurities of online communities, or sculptural landscapes on pigmented crystals attempting to create an alluring utopian vision for lonely individuals to seek solace in. Under a crescendo of imagination, autistic vision, and evidence, I seek to communicate and reveal comments about digitally-connected societies, perspectives on isolation, technology and bodies, our pursuits in beauty or hope, composing testimonies of those seeking to be understood or loved.

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Current, forthcoming and recent projects

04 July 2020

Southend Museums highlights Morl’s ‘Symptomology of a Basildon Boy’ as part of #MuseumsUnlocked exploring LGBTQ+ & Autistic Pride

30 June 2020

Morl features in Gay Times exploring how neurodivergence and sexuality may be experientially related

12 June 2020

Morl writes visual essay exploring Autism and Sexuality for National Autistic Society

01 April 2020

Synapses, Sonnets & Self public outcomes delayed

18 February 2020

Morl shortlisted for Jerwood Newlyn Residency 2020

07 February 2020

Synapses, Sonnets & Self’ 2020 Project launched

17 January 2020

CVAN ‘Dialogues Towards Change’ Bursary Granted To Morl

24 December 2019

Firstsite Collectors Group Bursary Award (2020) awarded to George Morl

25 October 2019

Morl shortlisted for Jerwood Bursary (2019)


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