Composing societal testimonies, George Morl explores the limitations and possibilities of human connection under modernising technology, and how perceptions of us inform our engagements with environments and interfaces. They use self-portraiture, poetry, texts, photographic maps, digital images, paintings, sensory sculptures, or scientific installations, as mediums to support and recontexualise social exchanges within our shared historical archives, physical and virtual networks. Through these, Morl who is genderfluid and autistic, uses personas and characters inspired by autobiography to converse with communal subcultures investigating agency, care, belonging, refuge, validation, and emotional reverence. Outcomes of these dialogues include paintings assessing interactions across apps and spaces communicating perception of ‘touch’ and emphasising experience of living in a body rather than observing one, soundscapes and poetic videos recounting journeys of intimacy, reimagining historical scenes or figures through modern day ‘avatars’ which explore the potential of the digital and virtual realms for shared knowledge or collective agency without language barriers, photographic networks which investigate motivations behind edited bodies under steroid culture or technology, and installations assessing the sensoriums within medical facilities in relation to contemporary notions of presumed hope. Merging evidence, speculative fiction and imagination, Morl seeks to reveal these relationships, providing a bridge to traverse alternative communication and colloborative communal approaches through work. As a result in presentation work centres on oscillating ideas, referencing verboseness of Beat Literature, syntax, linguistics, neuroscience, non-linear biology, echoing Morl’s genderfluidity whilst mirroring or posing questions around our existence within a perceptive multidimensional hyperdigital future.

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Current, forthcoming and recent projects

19 March 2021

Infinite Beings, Morl’s first short film is acquired by Southend Museums

17 February 2021

Morl to undertake research intervention exploring queer Essex dialogues across Southend Museums 

27 January 2021

‘Symptomology of Basildon Boy’ to feature in Colour II at Beecroft Art Gallery

George Morl, edvardo shadalow
01 January 2021

‘Communal Cherub A Capellas’ 2021 colloborative research project launched

George Morl, edvardo shadalow
24 November 2020

Morl speaker at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) Neurodiversity Talks symposium: Neurodivergence, Gender & Sexual Variance

George Morl, edvardo shadalow
14 November 2020

Morl joins the programme team at Firstsite Gallery as part of their Arts Council National Partners Programme 2019-22 award.

George Morl, edvardo shadalow
10 August 2020

Morl nominated by Newlyn Art Gallery fo Peer to Peer UK/HK

George Morl, edvardo shadalow 30 June 2020

Morl writes features for Gay Times exploring how neurodivergence and sexuality may be experientially related


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