Composing societal testimonies, George Morl explores evolving human connection and intimacy under modernising technology. They use self-portraiture, poetry, texts, photographic networks, sound, digital images, sensory paintings and sculptures, and scientific installations, as mediums to recontextualise queer history and perspectives of physical and virtual spaces. Through these, Morl who is genderfluid and autistic, adopts personas and avatars such as ‘Edvardo Shadalow’, inspired by autobiography, to investigate belonging and emotional reverence within communal subcultures such as sensoriums of medical environments, exchanges of gender transition stories across online blogging sites, plethora of edited torsos on dating platforms, use of anabolic steroids in men’s gym culture, secret rural youth raves, assemblages of vigils following bereavement, or exposing abuse within digital apps, whilst blending or utilising both evidence and ‘creative imagination’ as a means to consider solutions to these present dilemmas, whether through alternative communication or futuristic societies. In presentation their work collectively, centres on oscillating ideas and immediacy, referencing the esoteric or verboseness of Beat Literature, neurodivergence, non-linear biology, echoing Morl’s gender fluidity and our existence within infinite possibilities of a perceptive multidimensional hyperdigital future.

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Current, forthcoming and recent projects

01 September 2020

Morl speaker at Birmingham Open Media (BOM) Variance & Voice: Neurodivergence, Gender, Sexuality symposium

10 August 2020

Morl nominated by Newlyn Art Gallery fo Peer to Peer UK/HK

30 June 2020

Morl writes features for Gay Times exploring how neurodivergence and sexuality may be experientially related

12 June 2020

Morl writes visual essay exploring Autism and Sexuality for National Autistic Society

18 February 2020

Morl awarded Jerwood Newlyn Residency 2020

24 December 2019

Firstsite Collectors Group Bursary Award (2020) awarded to George Morl


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