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George Morl

b. 1994 Basildon, UK
Artist and writer lives and works in Basildon, UK

Current Projects
2020 - Synapses, Sonnets, Self


2016-2018                     University for the Creative Arts, MA Fine Art
2016                              University Centre Grimsby, Health and Social Qualifications
2013-16                         University for the Creative Arts, BA (Hons) Fine Art
2012-13                         South Essex College, Art Foundation Course, Drawing Award


2020                             Jerwood Newlyn Residency
2020                             Contemporary Visual Artwork Network (CVAN) Dialogues Towards Change Bursary
2019                             Firstsite Collectors’ Group Bursary Award
2019                             Jerwood Bursary, Shortlisted
2016                             Platform Award, Selected
2016                             Darren Henley Scholarship
2016                             University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Vice Chancellor Award
2016                             CRATE Graduate Award, Shortlisted
2016                             Canterbury Arts Council Award, Shortlisted


2020                             Jerwood Newlyn Residency (TBC)


                                    Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend
                                    Southend Museums, Southend
                       University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury
                       Orange Orient Foundation, Basildon
                       Private Collections


2018                             ‘Precious Boys’, Southend Museums, Southend-on-Sea, UK  Link
2015                             ‘Paradise Hotel’, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK


2019                             ‘We Are All’, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK
2018                             ‘UCA Canterbury MA Degree Show’, UCA, Canterbury, UK
2018                             ‘Interim’, Customs House, Folkestone, UK
2016                             ‘Platform 2016’, Turner Contemporary Gallery, Margate, UK  Link
2016                             ‘UCA Canterbury Degree Show’, Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, UK
2013                             ‘Wall of Death’, Kursaal, Southend-on-Sea, UK


2018                             ‘Precious Boys’, Southend Museums, Southend-on-Sea, UK  Link
2016                             ‘Paradise Hotel’, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK



2019                             Graduate Mobility, Reading International; Tate Modern, London, UK  Link


2020                             Synapses, Sonnets, Self: Exploring the representation of Neurodivergent contemporary arts practices (Firstsite Gallery Funded Project), Ongoing
2018                             Disposition of Bodily Currency and of the Digital Self; Evaluating and investigating performativity and affect theories of digital platforms in relation to male body-images and intimacies, 27 August 2018
2018                             Lonely Hearts Club: Communion and melancholy in the digital arena of simulation as the artifice and construction of affection; pursuits in artificial acts of intimacy, 15 December 2017
2017                             Precious Boys: Bodily Simulacra; exploring male body-image through representation of man under the evolution of ‘phantom-muscularity’ in digitised media and body enhancing products, 26 April 2017
2016                             The Motheredcrest: Observing the Flight of the Abstruse Angel in Seeking a Surrogate Mother; art as a transitional object and ‘surrogate mother’, with references to autism and psychoneuroses, 4 February 2016


2021                             Precious Boys: Flight of the Abstruse Angels; Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK (FC)
2020                             Communal Cherub A Capellas;  Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK (FC)
2018                             Precious Boys (Digital File);  Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK
2018                             Pubescent Plumes#2; Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK
2017                             Pubescent Plumes; Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK
2016                             Vials of Vigils; Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK
2015                             Sepia Solace; Orange Orient Press: Basildon, UK


2020                             In Isolation We Seek Hope & Commune: Works That Reflect on the Condition of Human Connection, Gay Times Magazine, May 2020
2020                             Emerging Queer Art Now, Gay Times Magazine, May 2020
2020                             Communal Cherub Acapellas: Account of Being Autistic & Gay, Gay Times Magazine, May 2020
2020                             Without Empathy The Term ‘Community Is Redundant’, Gay Times Magazine, 27 May 2020 [Online] Link 2018                             George Morl: Disposition of Digital Youth (Featuring Poem Wishing Wells 2017), Southend Museums, 20 July 2018 [Online] Link
2018                             George Morl: Precious Boys (Featuring Poem Plight of the Sensitive Child 2018), Southend Museum, 20 July 2018, [Online]Link 2018                             George Morl: Orange Boy, (Featuring poem Basildon Boys#2 Homage John Mitchum 2018), Southend Museums, 19 July 2018 [Online]


2019                             ‘Art Therapy at Great Ormond Street by George Morl’, Great Ormond Street Hospital, 2019
2019                             ‘George Morl: Platform Focus’, Contemporary Visual Artwork Network, 30 April 2019  Link
2018                             ‘George Morl, Precious Boys at Southend Museum’, Echo, 22 August 2018
2018                             ‘George Morl’s Precious Boys at Southend Museums’, CVAN South East, 10 July 2018 Link
2017                             ‘Platform Graduate Awards Stories 2017: George Morl’, Turner Contemporary, 2 October 2017 2016                             ‘Former patient exploring autism and child and adolescent mental health in art exhibited at Turner Contemporary’, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, September 2016 2016                             ‘Graduates’ work chosen to be exhibited at Turner Contemporary’, 20 September 2016, University for the Creative Arts 2016                             ‘Young Basildon artist wins exhibition spot and award nomination’, 23 August 2016, Basildon Today 2016                             ‘Local artist heads for Turner Gallery; Turner Gallery artist George says his installation marks ‘gravestones for young suicides’’, Yellow Advertiser, 19 August 2016 2016                             ‘Platform 2016’, Contemporary Visual Artwork Network (CVAN), August 2016

Digital Platforms


Updated 28 May 2020
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