George Morl, Precious Boys

Platform 2016
Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK
04 August - 25 September 2016

Group show at Turner Contemporary Gallery featuring Morl's installation 'Precious Boys' (2016).


Turner Contemporary, Margate, UK
04 August - 25 September 2016
Group Exhibition
︎Artist Press Release
George Morl is proud to have been selected to be shown at the Turner Contemporary Gallery in the group show ‘Platform 2016’, an exhibition showcasing emerging artists as part of the CVAN Platform Graduate Award, which aims to support graduate professional development and nurture new talent.

Morl’s work is concerned with using seductive aesthetics of industrial and domestic materials to construct reproductions of psychological episodes and seeks to address the often disguised events of adolescence regarding themes such as autism, mental health, sexuality, gender identity, war and violence.

For the exhibition Morl has installed Precious Boys#2 (2016), which places the viewer in the foreground of an attractive physical nursery rhyme. Precious Boys is a collection of gloss coated sculptures which rest upon a mass of pigmented salt and sugar. The solutions, comprising of alum salt is reminiscent of Victorian children’s pain relief medicines and modern treatments for HIV patients. George Morl comments: “The installation as a whole is a contemporary vigil or rather a nursery rhyme for telling the tale of young men who are in emotional restraint and suffering from a mental illness”.

The work is informed by the romantic and enlightening portrayals of youths in the paintings of Francis de Goya and Joseph Wright of Derby’s depictions of boys blowing up bladders. Formed through plaster casts of clinical consumables, they draw upon the history of when they were made of the lining of bladders. In particular, they contrast the curiosity and innocence in playing with animal matter to today’s journey of self-awareness in adolescence who may be experiencing mental health problems. Such forms, decorated in lustrous industrial materials imply a body’s search for affection under the fragility of mental suffering, reflecting upon the social perceptions of masculinity and how this can lead to a lonely wasteland of youth. Precious Boys confronts society’s problems with masculinity and are gravestones for young men.

Precious Boys#2, 2018, Installation View Turner Contemporary, Image © George Morl

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