The Old Waterworks, Southend, UK
26 October - 29 November 2020
George Morl is to undertake an artist residency at The Old Waterworks (TOW) in Southend in conjunction with The Agency of Visible Womxn exploring an autistic and trans future.


TOW, Southend, UK
26 October - 29 November 2020
Ongoing Project
Morl is excited to announce that they will be undertaking a residency at TOW in Southend following an open call application.

As part of their Morl will research evolution of the ‘network’ in East Anglia from Anglo Saxon culture, construction of Norman castles across Essex to defend nobles, discovery of ‘electricity’ in Colchester, evolvement of medical language in Norwich, migrations in ‘War of the Worlds’ in Foulness, credit cards in Southend, Basildon Data Centre, trans stories in Essex, and queer telephone support exchanges in Colchester, whilst considering how these ‘networks’ have established in 21st social digital culture as a polarised platform for minorities. In parallel they will investigate how feminist approaches in autistic psychiatry through recognition of it as a ‘spectrum’ and ‘New Wave’ queer sci-fi of 1970’s changed societal perspectives supporting non-binary diagnostics and an increasing gender fluid society. Collaborating with online autistic individuals, trans and neurodivergent creatives, they will seek to subvert these patriarchal digital systems to reimagine a ‘Autistic Trans Future (ATM)’ visual prototype, which centres our future.

Composing societal testimonies and dialogues, George Morl explores evolving human connection and affection under modernising technology. They use self-portraiture, poetry, texts, photographic networks, sound, digital images, sensory paintings and installations, as mediums to recontextualise history and spaces. Morl who is trans and autistic, aka Edvardo Shadalow, adopts personas and avatars inspired by autobiography, to investigate subcultures, online communities, digital systems, utilising ‘creative imagination’ as a means to consider solutions in alternative future societies. In presentation their work centres upon collective and oscillating ideas and immediacy, referencing the esoteric or verboseness of Beat Literature, neuroscience, non-linear biology, echoing their gender fluidity and our existence within infinite possibilities of a perceptive hyperdigital future.

George Morl, b. 1994 Basildon, UK, has exhibited at Southend Museums (2018), Turner Contemporary (2016), UCA (2016). Recipient of Firstsite Collectors Group Award (2020), Darren Henley Scholarship (2016), UCA Vice Chancellor Award (2016), and selected for Platform 2016.

Artist Images & Text © George Morl 2020
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